The “Keep Me” EP is a collection of six new songs that are very special to me. I’m so happy that they are now out in the universe for you to hear!

To me, the EP feels like an intimate short story that tells the tale of love found, love lost, and love unattained– and finding one’s self in the process. My dad, David Schwartz, and I co-produced the record together. We really wanted this record to speak emotionally, and to breathe; to feel less like a production and more of a raw performance. The piano and vocals for “You Are You Are” were actually recorded in one take…it was just a demo of me playing and singing at the same time that we intended to re-record, but when we tried to re-record it, the song felt like less of a statement. There was something so special about the emotion captured in the casually recorded demo performance that we knew we had to use it.

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All songs written by: Lucy Schwartz
“Feeling of Being” written by: Lucy Schwartz & Sally Seltmann

Produced by: Schwartz & Lucy Schwartz
Mixed by: Brian Taylor
Except “Keep Me” mixed by: David Boucher
Engineered by: Brian Taylor, Schwartz & Jonathan Tate Deans
Mastered by: John Paterno
Photography by: Cooper Roberts
Art Design by: This Not That

Lucy Schwartz–vocals, piano, organ, banjo
Meghan Toohey–guitar, banjo
Jonathan Tate Deans–guitar arrangement

I Know You
Lucy Schwartz–vocals, guitar
Blake Mills–guitar
Stuart Johnson– Drums Schwartz– upright bass, octolin, guitar

You Are You Are
Lucy Schwartz–vocals, piano
Blake Mills– guitar
Jay Clifford–string arrangement
Brent Price–violin 1
Alan Molina–violin 2
Peter Kiral– viola
Tom O’Malley–cello

Lucy Schwartz–vocals, pump organ, piano, drum programming
Blake Mills–guitar, bass
David Lamoureux–string arrangement
Paul Cartwright–violin 1
Ina Veli–violin 2
Tom Lea–viola
Peter Jacobson–cello Schwartz–double bass, drum programming

Feeling of Being
Lucy Schwartz–vocals, piano, clarinet, banjo Schwartz–bass

Keep Me
Lucy Schwartz–vocals, vocal arrangement, piano, hammered dulcimer
Stuart Johnson–drums Schwartz– bowed Weissenborn
Vocal choir & various trinket-like instruments/ percussion/flutes by: Chloe Hamilton, Emily Hamilton, Imaginary Friend, Matthew Frankel, Jason Ryterband and Rich Devletian

All songs published by LuckyLu Music (BMI)
“Feeling of Being” published by LuckyLu Music (BMI) and Songs Music Publishing

Joe McKay