Lucy’s “Keep Me” EP is here!

The “Keep Me” EP is a collection of six new songs that are very special to me. I’m so happy that they are now out in the universe for you to hear!
To me, the EP feels like an intimate short story that tells the tale of love found, love lost, and love unattained– and finding one’s self in the process.… Read More »

Lucy’s Song on the Twilight Soundtrack!

Dear vampires, and vampire viewers, and human-like friends,
I am over-the-moon excited to announce that I have a song in the next Twilight Soundtrack for Breaking Dawn Part One! The song is a duet that I wrote with Aqualung called “Cold”.… Read More »

Lucy Schwartz & The Heartstrings

Over the summer I did a series of shows with a string quartet which I called “Lucy Schwartz & The Heartstrings”. The first two shows were in more traditional venues and final show took place inside The Bronson Caves (the cave where they filmed Batman).… Read More »

Symphony of Hope: The Haiti Project

I did a cover of the old Haitian tune “Yellow Bird” for the “Symphony of Hope”– an album that will raise money for Haiti Relief. A year after the terrible earthquake which has destroyed the lives of thousands of Haitians, the need for assistance is even greater than ever.… Read More »

Filming underwater music video!!!!

A few weeks ago I filmed an underwater music video for the song “Life in Letters”….very excited about this one! Although, I quickly discovered that underwater music videos are difficult to do. Turns out you can’t breathe down there! Who knew?… Read More »