Opening for KT Tunstall

Exciting news! I’m opening up for KT Tunstall this Thursday at Hotel Cafe!! I’m a big fan of her music and honored to be a part of the show. Unfortunately (and wonderfully) the show is already sold out! But I hope you will all join me there in spirit! … Read More »

Nashville: On The Record 2

It’s almost here! Nashville “On The Record 2” airs this WEDNESDAY 10/9c on ABC! The cast of Nashville is going to sing songs from the show – including “Friend of Mine” (The song Johnny Hanson and I wrote) Look out for me & Johnny in the audience!… Read More »

Song written for “Switched at Birth”

I co-wrote a song with Johnny Hanson and David Schwartz for “Switched at Birth”. It’s called “Don’t Forget the Dream” and Lea Thompson (Back To The Future) & Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical) will be singing it on this week’s episode: Tuesday, March 10th 2015 9/8c on ABC family.… Read More »