There is a magical quality to Lucy Schwartz. Her music feels like it is both of this world and otherworldly: intimate and emotional, haunting and enchanting. When Lucy sings, we are instantly drawn in by the sound of her siren voice, and led to a world uniquely her own – one that is light and dark, real and fantastical, weathered in sorrow, and colored in joy.

For Lucy, there is a visual nature to her music. “When I was in the studio recording Timekeeper, I began to see the connection between music and visuals. I realized that when a song feels right to me, I have a visual reaction to it. It’ll open up my imagination and I’ll start to see images, like a mini-movie theater inside my mind.”

Perhaps it is this cinematic quality of Lucy’s songs that makes her music such a natural fit for film and TV. When Lucy was just 18, a senior in high school, she wrote the opening and closing songs for the Meg Ryan film The Women. Since then, she has hand-tailored original songs for TwilightShrekWhat Maisie KnewMother & ChildPost GradGreenleaf, and the international theme song for Parenthood. She has penned several songs for the show Nashville, including a song called “Black Roses”, which reached No. 6 on the iTunes Country charts. Tracks from Lucy’s albums have also been featured in many popular television shows like GirlsArrested DevelopmentParenthoodHouse of LiesGrey’s Anatomy and The Good Wife, to name a few!

Lucy has had a broad career outside of film and TV placements. She has released three albums and two EPs through her own label Fortunate Fool Records. She has shared the stage with the likes of Elton John, Moby, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, The Civil Wars, A Fine Frenzy, Joshua Radin, KT Tunstall and Tom Odell. She has collaborated with artists whom she felt deeply drawn to, such as sculptor Tom Haney, choreographer Sonya Tayeh, and music artist Aqualung. Lucy has also had a few on-screen roles – guest-starring as a singing waitress on House of Lies and making an appearance in Arrested Development as a member of George Michael’s band. Fun fact for Arrested Development fans: Lucy is also the voice behind “Mr. F” and “For British Eyes Only”. And while we’re talking about fun facts…did you know that Lucy also writes poetry and stories? You can read her pieces on her blog “Golden Rabbit And The Horseman”.

Lucy is currently working on a secret-for-now “mystery project”, which she describes as “combining my love of music with my love of film”. And she also will be releasing new singles in 2019….